G-TECH/Pro Tech Notes

The documents below give detailed information on specific topics pertaining to the Gtech Pro performance meters. All documents are PDF files.

Some Tech Notes only apply to certain models, so please be sure to make note if the document is applicable to your particular model.  (There are no Tech Notes pertaining to the original Gtech Pro.)

A Gtech Pro Competition that is upgraded to the RR firmware has all the same functionality as an RR unit; therefore, Tech Notes that apply to the RR model also apply to the Competition with RR firmware. (See this page for more information on upgrading a Competition to RR.)

Document Title



Understanding Your Gtech Results

SS, RR/Comp

Describes factors that influence the Gtech's measurement accuracy.

Understanding Horsepower & Torque Measurements

SS, RR/Comp

Describes factors that influence the Gtech's HP & TQ readings.

G bars (Acceleration Bars)

SS, RR/Comp

If your acceleration bars do not appear to be "zeroed out" or working on the Tachometer Screen, this is most likely the cause....

Effects of Aero Drag on Horsepower

SS, RR/Comp

The Gtech measures "net" horsepower, which includes aero drag losses and is different than a chassis dyno... this document explains how aero drag affects horsepower measurements.  (You can use this page to calculate the horsepower that is lost due to aerodynamic drag.)

Measuring Horsepower and Torque

SS, RR/Comp

Detailed information on the Gtech's horsepower/torque measurements.

Gtech Mounting System

SS, RR/Comp

Detailed instructions on how to get the best results when mounting your Gtech.

Effects of Rollout on your Results

RR/Comp, (SS)

Explains how rollout affects your results relative to a track timeslip.  SS owners cannot adjust the rollout setting, but the tech note is informative nonetheless.

Metric Vs Imperial Units

SS, RR/Comp

A comparison between metric and imperial measurements in the Gtech.

Accelerometer Calibration


Iinformation on calibrating the accelerometer sensors in your Gtech.  SS and RR owners should not need to calibrate the accelerometers.  Competition models have been factory calibrated since August 2003 and also should not need accelerometer calibration.  This information is provided primarily for reference and can be ignored by almost everyone.

Downloading Stored Runs


Detailed information on downloading stored runs from the Gtech.  SS owners cannot download data to a PC.

Understanding Your PASS Results


Details on how to interpret the information presented by PASS on the PC. SS owners do not have the ability to view runs on a PC.