G-TECH/Pro Horsepower Measurements

Please read this page for information on Horsepower & Torque measurements

The Gtech's ability to measure horsepower and torque is one of the product's most exciting features, but also one of the most confusing and frustrating to use unless you understand how to make the measurements and how to interpret the results.  This page is a collection of links of information that pertain to horsepower and torque measurements.

First some background on shop chassis dynamometer measurements:

Basically, a chassis dyno measures torque by seeing how vehicle accelerates the rollers, and then (with knowledge of RPMs) calculates HP from torque, since

Torque * RPM
HP at a given RPM is equal to:  

The Gtech, on the other hand, does just the opposite.... it calculates HP from velocity, acceleration and vehicle weight, and then (with knowledge of RPMs) calculates TQ from HP, using the same formula listed above.

Now that you understand a little about chassis dyno measurements, we can discuss usage of the Gtech for these measurements.

Regarding driving technique for HP and TQ measurements:

If you are getting strange results, the result in all likelihood is one of the following:

Additional links: here are some other resources regarding the Gtech and HP measurements: